Monday, March 08, 2021

The Medical Corps

“Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”


The Medical Corps are CSG-3’s primary healers and medical care providers. They heal those injured in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 range and revive those killed in battle. During Organization-scale operations, they are also responsible for manning and positioning revival locations.

In addition to their CSG-3 functions, the Medical Corps participates in relief efforts throughout the verse where Medical personnel can be of use.

In short, they are the M*A*S*H of CSG-3 and the Red Cross of Star Citizen, but also adhere to a specialized Code that informs their activities within the Star Citizen universe. 

Doctors on Call

Your Medical Corps command is as follows:

  • Chief Medical Officer – Captain Mike “Miek” Price
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer – Commander Frank “Cavalier” White

Oath of the Medical Corps

I vow to do no harm, whether by violence or by the application of medical care except in the defense of those I am treating.

I vow to preserve and care for all human life whenever possible, regardless of political agenda.

I vow to prevent disease whenever I can.

I vow to share my knowledge with those who seek to lessen illness and injury, providing their intentions are peaceful.

I vow to never be ashamed to say, ‘I know not’ nor will I fail to call on those who do if needed to care for another.

I vow to respect the privacy of those I treat and will never betray their trust should they ask it of me.

I vow to remember I treat not an ailment nor an injury, but a human being.

I vow not to violate this oath for as long as I live and serve the cause by which I am sworn.


  • Medical Corps personnel are charged with the preservation and sustainment of life, regardless of political agenda.
  • They are lightly armed for self-defense only and shall never engage in combat in an offensive manner.
  • Those who choose to become Medical Corps officers take an Oath of Service (see above).
  • They may not lead any troops in any capacity that does not directly involve the preservation of human life.
  • In general, a Medical Officer’s uniform shall be white so they are easily seen and observed.

Responsibilities within CSG-3

  • Keep up to date on the rules and mechanics for Healing and Healthcare in Star Citizen and how it affects gameplay.
  • During fleet operations, Medical Corps personnel will be responsible for being on-call and ready to man Medical Stations during missions. Medical Corps personnel will be responsible for advanced Medical Stations caring for Tier 1 and 2 injuries, freeing personnel within fighting units to carry only Tier 3 life-saving equipment.
  • During fleet operations, the Medical Corps shall ensure that a respawn point is always manned and available within reasonable distance to the operating area.
  • During fleet operations, the Medical Corps shall work with the fleet to ensure the safety of its medical ships and that its medical ships are operating in the most optimal place during a mission.
  • During long-term ground operations, they will also be responsible for conducting more hands-on healing should the game allow for that. Possible future gameplay could include more involved surgery gameplay when a Medical Station is not available.
  • Participate in and carry out mission types provided by CIG for medical personnel such as Medical Delivery, Recovery, and Rescue.
  • Ensure that fireteams and operators are trained in the very basic mechanics of first aid and lifesaving to ensure wounded players are able to be evacuated in time.
  • Work with SAR crews to maintain optimal lifesaving timelines and procedures.
  • Fictionally, they are additionally responsible for the health and well-being of fleet personnel. 

Responsibilities Beyond CSG-3

In addition to its responsibilities for CSG-3 operations, the Medical Corps will also aid in relief efforts throughout the 'Verse.

The Medical Corps is

  • Doctors and Healers.
  • Experts in Star Citizen’s healing and wound system
  • Non-Combat Personnel.
  • Fleet Physicians and Health Specialists 

The Medical Corps is Not

  • SAR. This responsibility is handled by a specialized squadron that enters hot situations and acts as a rescue unit to bring wounded personnel to a place where the Medical Corps can help.
  • Combat Medics. Combat life-saving care is relegated the units involved in the fighting. The Medical Corps will take care of injuries Tier 2 and higher, freeing up operators to carry quick life-saving medical supplies so a patient only needs to be stabilized until they can be transported to waiting Medical Corps personnel.
  • Fighters. The Medical Corps takes no part in fighting. The one exception is when a patient is threatened.


The Medical Corps will be primarily based on the UEES Solace Hope-Class Hospital Ship.

The Medical Corps Relationship with Other Units


In general the Medical Corps are not SAR personnel. That remains in the capable hands of the DinoSAR Squadron. They will work hand in hand with SAR to provide medical treatment for stabilized wounded once rescued. Simply put, SAR should focus on life-saving and stabilization to as many downed pilots as possible while the Medical Corps will focus on healing those wounded personnel up to full health.


Unlike the US Navy, the Medical Corps are not Corpsmen. They are not soldiers attached to fire teams. Their Oath (see below) precludes them from such a role. Instead the Medical Corps will ensure Marine Fire teams have at least one member who can administer life-saving first aid to his teammates and ensure they are able to make it to a Medical Corps ship for treatment (see The Medic as a Secondary Role, above).

Should a Medical Corps member enter a Hot Zone for any reason, they may request Marines to act as guards. If Marines are tasked with such a job, they are to act under the Medical Corps command and only enact violence in the defense of themselves, the Medical Corps personnel, or the patients under their care.

The Fleet

Until such time as the Fleet becomes full of manned capital ships, fleet personnel will be treated like the Marines in regards to having a trained medic aboard each ship capable of rescue until the wounded is able to find their way to a Medical ship. In the event that the fleet becomes large, with multiple large capital ships, the Medical Corps may assign a member to each ship, acting as that ship’s primary Medical personnel.

Training Combat Medics

For those wishing to take on the Medic role within their combat team, Medical Corps personnel are charged with training and updating them on current healing mechanics in Star Citizen. Any Medical Corps member will be capable of training Medics by the very nature of their training.

The CMO and ACMO shall keep a record of all trained Medics within CSG-3.

The Medical Corps Personnel Volunteering for Other Roles

When smaller missions occur and volunteers for help are needed, the Medical Corps personnel may temporarily shed their persona and do whatever they like (be a fighter pilot, mine some ore, etc). During official fleet wide operations however, Medical Corps members are asked to stick to the posts they volunteered for.


What Will the Medical Corps Do until 3.7?

Since any meaningful medical gameplay won’t be in until 3.7, the Medical Corps’ role in the game will be pretty limited. For teambuilding, the Corps will run rescue missions in the Verse in an unarmed Cutlass and announce themselves as CSG-3 medical corps, available for rescue. The unarmed ship should deter most shipjackers and pirates. The role of mercy should gain some attention and hopefully deter griefers. If not, running is always an option if need be.

Are members of the Medical Corps just medically trained soldiers/sailors/etc?

No. A member of the Medical Corps is a doctor with their primary role in the Organization being that of a healer and health specialist.

Why be a member of the Medical Corps when anyone can carry stimpacks?

Medical gameplay will have its own rewards and challenges. Currently it’s simple and self-healing is the only method available, but this will change. Likely Medical Gameplay will require keeping up to date on how it functions and what supplies are most useful.

In addition, being a member of the Medical Corps is for those players who prefer a non-combat role in a game rife with combat. It’s perfect for those who want to help others and be a part of something more than being the biggest badass in the ‘Verse. If you enjoy healing in other games and want to be part of a Medical community, then the Corps is for you.