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1st Marines
Fast and True
Captain Jace Fenner

   As was the case with many of the units within CSG-3, the 1st Marines unit came into existence during a period of unrest during the Vanduul skirmishes in UEE space during the mid-2900’s. While some semblance of security had been handled via rotating duty sections on the fleet assets, it became readily apparent that there was need for a dedicated unit within the organization to handle not only fleet security, but perform duties related to infantry combat, both in space and on planet surfaces. With this in mind, the 1st Marines was formed by direction of VADM Glenn Wade in the year 2944. The unit was to be split into two platoons; one in a ready status, the other on a training rotation, with the capability to be called into action to support CSG-3 operations. The call was put out to anyone in the unit with any sort of Marine or Infantry training to answer the request.

   The unit at first provided fleet wide training in regards to capital ship security, to include Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) operations, and repealing intruders during enemy boarding actions. But their role soon became more defined, to serve as the tip of the spear during ground operations, designed to strike fast and furiously against a Vanduul ground force.

    While they generally train towards Vanduul attacks, the unit also has experience in taking on all manner of agitators in UEE space. The primary opponent most often encountered are roving bands of opportunists who’ve taken to piracy while the UEE military has its forces stretched thin against the Vanduul threat. Of note, the 1st Marines achieved their first overwhelming victory against a major pirate outpost hidden on Bremen III that had been disrupting a supply route for CSG-3 forces in the Vega system during the year 2944, Month 9. With no losses and 19 enemy KIA, the Marines cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

    As all-out war looms closer, the Marines stand shoulder to shoulder with their CSG-3 brothers and sisters, ready to bring the fight to the enemy.

CSG - 3 has 2 registered members in this unit
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Jace Fenner
Marines Company Commander
Petty Officer
Samantha Ash