Friday, August 14, 2020

Character First/Last Name : Araynor Tassadore
Callsign : Waveglider
Member Role : Pilot
Character Birthdate : 11/09/1987
Home Planet : Terra
RSI Name : Araynor


Squadron 51Squadron 51


Araynor Tassadore enlisted in the UEE Marine Corps upon graduating high school in 2936. He completed Boot Camp at UEE Marine Corps Recruit Depot Kilian Fields. After basic training, he was sent to the Lunar Warfare Training Center at UEE Marine Corps Atmospheric Ground Combat Center 2-9 on Gen.

His superiors at MCAGCC 2-9 became impressed with his training, and he was recommended for, and accepted to, the UEE Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) at Naval Station Baker. He completed the one-year NAPS course and was accepted to the four-year officer training program at MacArthur as part of the Class of 2942, and enlisted into the UEE Navy as an Officer Apprentice. Tassadore graduated from MacArthur in 2942.

Commissioned as an Lieutenant, Tassadore spent the following year and a half on Gen as a naval combat officer for strategic maneuvers, where he served at space and dock. In 2944, he was transferred to UEE Squadron 42 as a tactical bomber pilot.

1 Year of Service1 Year of Service
SabreSabre x 1
RetaliatorRetaliator x 1
Vanguard WardenVanguard Warden x 1
CarrackCarrack x 1
TerrapinTerrapin x 1
F7C-M SuperhornetF7C-M Superhornet x 1
DragonflyDragonfly x 1
Ursa RoverUrsa Rover x 1