Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Character First/Last Name : Samantha Ash
Callsign : Artemis
Member Role : Marine
Character Birthdate : 0000-00-00
Home Planet : Stanton III
RSI Name : Artemis

Petty OfficerPetty Officer

1st Marines1st Marines


Birth Year: 2920
Main Ship: F7C-M Super Hornet

Born to traders visiting ArcCorp, Sam has always felt at home in space. Her older brother Jared enlisted in the Navy in 2937, but her parents refused to let Sam sign on, saying they needed her help with the family business. Sam reluctantly agreed, but when Jared was killed during what was supposedly a routine patrol in [REDACTED], there was nothing they could do to stop her from following in his footsteps. Sam enlisted in the Army the day after her family got the news, determined to make her brother proud. A natural marksman, she was selected for the Marines where she served honorably for six years before being discharged for medical reasons. After spending a few months with her family on the trade lanes, she signed on with CSG-3, hoping to continue to protect UEE space.

3 Years of Service3 Years of Service
F7C-M SuperhornetF7C-M Superhornet x 1
Constellation AquilaConstellation Aquila x 1