Friday, August 14, 2020

Character First/Last Name : Taylor Lightwind
Callsign : Specter
Member Role : Squadron Commanding Officer
Character Birthdate : 2920-10-15
Home Planet : Earth
RSI Name : Akidio


Squadron 101Squadron 101


Name: Taylor LightWind
Callsign: Specter
Birth Planet: Earth
Birth Date: 2920
Main Ship: Hornet F7C-S
RL Timezone (GMT-6)
Branch: Navy

I was born on the planet Earth, all i ever knew before i joined the military was a life of plush expense. My parents where both placed highly in the government. My father was an Admiral in the UEE, he never once spoke of the days before he became an Admiral. All I've ever been able to find out is that at one point in time he was a long range bomber pilot. I found his old bomber wings when cleaning out the summer house when i was 14 years old.

My mother... Well she's a bit of a point of conflict in my life. My mother, worked with the High-Advocate in his day to day issues. Thus you can see my issues, she wanted me to join the government. I told her that she was crazy and could shove it. I didn't see my mother for the next three years, and i was sent to 'trouble' my father on his 'joy rides'. That was when i had turned 16.

At the ripe age of 17 i signed up for College, to get a degree so that i could become an officer in the UEE Navy. I graduated College as the valedictorian at the ripe age of 22. I want to say that it was entirely my doing with my grades, i really do, but i know better now. A year into the UEE i had contacted one of my old professors and was talking with her, when she had accidentally let slip that she bumped up my grade a single point. Pushing me into the valedictorian, my mother's work. This is when i had the falling out with my mother.

When home on leave from the UEE after a deployment, i brought up this little detail to her. She merely shrugged and said that she had done this throughout my entire life, up to and including my latest transfer to the brand newly commissioned carrier. She said that if she could not have me in the government she would ensure that i would get fast tracked to Admiral. That way i could spend more time with her at home. I'm not going to lie, at this point i might have destroyed a few things.... Possibly even a really, really nice car...

I disowned my family, that's why you won't recognize the last name. The only thing you will be able to get from any background check is that I'm from earth. Two billion, that's what it cost to completely erase my background. No, i will not tell you anything more than what I've already said here about my background. You either accept that I'm a good pilot or take me at my word that I am.

After all it was your fighter jocks that completely missed my signal, I had to make contact with them. Which I'm sure you remember that little dust up. I'll stand by what i said on Comms. Your fighter jocks need work, and are quite lucky i only painted their hulls with ranging lasers instead of destroying them. Yeah, I might have an ego. It comes from being in the stealth fighter jock world. You have to have skill to fly a Ghost, but you also have to be lucky to live for long as a ghost pilot.

** Places his cuffed hands on the table and leans forward.**

"So... We are still here.... Talking.... I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'll likely never see the weapons or my ghost again......."

3 Years of Service3 Years of Service
SabreSabre x 1
GladiatorGladiator x 1
F7C-S Hornet GhostF7C-S Hornet Ghost x 1
ArrowArrow x 1